My dream is to become a Veterinarian! I love s…

My dream is to become a Veterinarian! I love seeing people smile and helping them, and I love animals! Biology also happens to be my favorite subject, so I think it's perfect. Aside from that, my country doesn't value animals as much as they should, and you can't even find a veterinary clinic. Therefore, I want to become a vet and open the first official animal hospital in my country, I'll try my best to make people understand that animals are also important!

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My sister is a vet student and reading your ask she had a wiiiild smile. People who love animals are not rare. They are out there doing their best to save lives. I think you will make an amazing vet in the future as you already have the good morals for it. Good luck dear. I am proud you are one of my dear followers ^^ Here is a spanking in the butt for good luck <3