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Hello! Bangtan Tumblr are once again looking for more moderators! We are looking for one to two mods to be dedicated fantaken photo posters in particular.

Some of the basic requirements for the spot are:

  • fluent in english
  • knows the members well
  • is committed and willing to put time into updating the blog (we expect daily posts to be made)
  • can access the internet very frequently
  • willing to put effort into communicating with the other admins
  • has a twitter account, and is willing to use it as a main mode of communication with the other admins (if you do not have a twitter, we will expect you to make one)
  • is familiar with the tags on our blog

*You do not need to have any basic understanding of Korean, nor a leveled up account on the fancafe. Experience with running a blog with multiple admins isn’t entirely necessary either but we do stress that those that have experience will have a higher chance of being hired.

—‼ If you are interested in applying please click here for more information on your role. If you have a specific question or want a more in depth description of anything above or what this will demand from you, please message us here!

Below is the application! Please fill it out accordingly and send it to us at bangtanscouts@gmail.com !

  • Preferred Name:
  • Preferred Pronouns:
  • E-mail (on tumblr):
  • Twitter:
  • Main Tumblr URL:
  • Country:
  • Timezone:
  • Current blogs you admin on:
  • Do you have experience on these kind of blogs? If so, what? (Tumblr/Twitter fanbases, fyeah tumblrs etc):
  • Where did you learn about Bangtan:
  • Typical # of hours online (daily):
  • Why do you want to be an moderator/admin on this blog?:
  • How do you feel about knowing you’ll need to spend a decent amount of time helping us keep updated?:
  • If you are considered we hope to contact you with any questions we may have regarding your application. If so what is the best way to contact you?:
  • Any other comments/questions:

We are willing to consider applicants from any timezone, but we must stress that we are looking for those that would be dedicated to this task. We do not have patience for those that intend to quit a few weeks after joining and do not show the desire to learn/keep the blog updated. We hope you understand this.

Thank you so much and we are looking forward to the applications!

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